Top Gear has earned the ire of environmentalists yet again, this time for driving cars over the Makgadikgadi salt plains in Botswana. All three presenters of the British car show drove across the plains while filming a segment, leaving trails that could remain there for decades. Usually, you are only allowed to go over if you're on a quad bike and must still remain in single file.

The region is home to the largest salt pan in the world (take that, Bonneville!) and covers an area of 16,000sq km. Though there was some concern about the damage they caused directly to the salt plains, environmentalists are more worried about the example their drive will set for other visitors.

A BBC spokesperson said the ecology of the area was taken in to account when filming and no conservation areas were touched.

Jeremy Clarkson and his team have always disliked environmentalists and this latest run-in isn't expected to change anything.

[Source: Metro UK]

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