Top Gear in Romania – click above to watch video

Another day, another country that hates Jeremy Clarkson's guts. Or at least, another country that is seeking an apology from the Top Gear host for his no doubt rude, but no doubter funny comments about said country. In this case, it's the former Iron Curtain nation of Romania. Seems that during the series' season 14 opener, Jezza had some less than flattering observations about the country that shot former "Conductor" Nicolae Ceauşescu and his wife before they could even be tied up and blindfolded.

Clarkson's offending remarks? He referred to Romania as "Borat country." He also donned the silly-looking pork pie hat above and stated, "I'm wearing this hat so the gypsies think I am one. I'm told they can be violent if they don't like the look of you." He also called Romanian water "Communist water" and mentioned that Romanians like to express their sense of humor with guns. Pretty innocuous stuff if you ask us. Especially compared to cracks Clarkson's made about other non-British places. Like Germany, America and Malaysia. Regardless, the Romanian government is apparently expecting an apology. We think they'd have a better chance at satisfaction by issuing a Whamber Alert. In any case, you can see the offending footage in its entirety by clicking through to the jump.

[Sources: Telegraph; YouTube]

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