Top Gear crew visits U.S.A., will never return again

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The South has risen again, and unfortunately for our beloved team from Top Gear, it has focused its ire on Jeremy Clarkson, Jay Mays and Richard Hammond. In the latest episode of Top Gear (torrent here), the team arrives in Florida for a road trip that will see them travel from Miami to New Orleans. The catch? Each are given $1,000 to buy a whip that will carry them to their destination. Whips in hand, the trio decide to spice up the trip by spray painting inflammatory statements on the sheetmetal. Statements like "I'm bi", " NASCAR Sucks" and "Hillary for President" are worn like badges of pride, until a stop for gas in a self-described "hick town" turns ugly. Words were said, rocks were thrown, and somebody's "boys" were called in. The Top Gear crew fleed for its life, though not after the quickest jump in history gets Mays Caddy turned over, and the chase ensued on the highways of the rural South. The boys wise up and decide to pull over and scrub off the incendiary taunts with some towels and Coke. Their troubles don't end there, as the offended Southies call upon their god to rain down a torrent of H20 on the caravan of Brits. Clarkson, Mays and Hammond eventually escape the U.S. with hides in tact, but we can all thank those country bumpkins for ensuring Top Gear will never again set foot on U.S. soil. Check out the clip in full after the jump for proof.

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[Source: YouTube]

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