There are many things Top Gear front-man Jeremy Clarkson could be labeled as. Celebrity? Check. Petrolhead? Check. Environmentalist? Um, no. Whenever Clarkson has gotten the chance to get some seat time in what might be construed as an eco-friendly automobile, he always seems to find plenty not to like... and that goes for the Toyota Prius, Honda Insight and even the Tesla Roadster.

Climate Rush, the same group that's vehemently opposed to the expansion of London's Heathrow airport, decided to let Clarkson know exactly how they feel about his carbon-spewing ways. According to the BBC, six women showed up at Clarkson's mansion in Oxfordshire in a horse-drawn carriage with a wheelbarrow's worth of manure, which was then dumped on the entertainer's front lawn.

Reports indicate that Clarkson was not home at the time of the dung dump and by the time police showed up the protesters had left the scene, though their stinky gift apparently remained for all to see. Thanks for the tip, Ben!

[Source: BBC | Photo: Hannah Johnston/Getty Images]

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