• Tesla: Detail showing car driving around in circles in front of the Milford Supercharger trying to get Model S to stop with zero range indicated.

  • Tesla: Two inaccuracies in the graphic attached to Broder's article.

  • Tesla: Google Map with Tesla comments showing actual performance of Model S and Broder's intentions:

  • Map of charging stations along Broder's entire route.

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The social media tête-à-tête between The New York Times and Tesla CEO Elon Musk, stemming from a defamatory review by John Broder of the Model S and Tesla's new "Supercharger" network on the East Coast, is heating up in a major way. Just yesterday we summarized the Twitter spat, and now Musk has expanded upon the data recorded during Broder's test drive – adding major credence to the criticism of the NYT writer.

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