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Geneva 2009: Bleu Centenaire is every bit as special as any other Bugatti Veyron

by Chris Paukert (RSS feed) on Mar 3rd, 2009 at 8:45AM

Given the level of bespoke specification that is part-and-parcel with the Bugatti Veyron ordering experience, we doubt there have ever been two identical cars built. As such, each example is something of a one-off, and by this rationale, the Bleu Centenaire is, paradoxically, just another Veyron. Pre-show rumors of a massive power infusion and a stratospheric 270 mile-per-hour vMax have proven to be utterly unfounded, as the BC's drivetrain is standard Veyron fare. The changes, then, essentially amount to cosmetic paint-and-trim, but to be fair, the Blue Centenaire does look quite fetching... Read More

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