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2009 Saturn Aura

Review of 2009 Saturn Aura

navsag 2010-05-05 18:48:42

I have a 2009 Saturn XE with the 4 cyl engine and it is great on the highway and in town. Quiet, comfortable, handles well in traffic, and gives good mileage. The only down mark is the relatively wide turning arc, 40 ft plus, that takes some getting used to when parking. This is my 4th Saturn, and it is a shame that GM did not continue one of their best products.

2009 Saturn Aura

My Car

kfrog 2010-05-05 15:47:18

I have a 2007 Saturn Aura XR. It is one of the best cars I have ever owned. Gas mileage on the freeway is about 29-30, around town 16-20 depending on traffic. I do a lot of driving (I have over 100,000 miles on the car) and the car is comfortable and a dream to drive. It is a shame that GM has decided to pull the plug on this company, since it was one of the few things they've done right.

2009 Saturn Aura

Ups and downs

AOL user 2010-04-29 19:35:30

I think my car is beautiful on the inside and looks like a lexus on the outside. I don't think it gets good gas milage though. 18 mpg, 19 or 20 highway. When I go to excel with the car, it hesitates. I don't think I am heavy on the gas but when I want to switch lanes with speed to it makes my ram go up high and it's not a safe feeling. My last car was a saturn also and I LOVED it. I don't know why this one is giving such a hard time. Oh and sometimes when I put the car in reverse, it jerks a tad. Besides ********** a beautiful car.

2009 Saturn Aura


rkontny 2009-03-31 13:43:26

I have owned 6 Saturns, buying the first one *********** recently purchased a 2009 Aura XR 3.6 with the beautiful Morroco Brown leather seats and many other amenities. It is a beautiful car and has all the power I need to pass quickly, but still gets decent gas milage, about 30mpg highway. I have not taken it on a long trip yet, but will in May 2009. I received an excellent trade-in price for my 2007 Aura and paid cash difference for my 2009. Saturn will continue to honor the warranty no matter what happens according to President Obama. Excellent car for a very good price.

2009 Saturn Aura

Mr. Nicholas E. Karatinos

nek1720 2009-03-21 20:19:18

Our 2009 Aura with 4 cyl. engine and six speed automatic is very quiet, peppy, and economical. It is much cheaper than a hybrid with almost as good gas mileage, and no battery and a lot fewer parts to repair. It saves money and one does not give up much comfort.

2009 Saturn Aura

We remain pleasantly surprised & pleased!

PrettyFancy2005 2008-11-12 12:34:58

We've owned over 30 cars/trucks over the years what with ourselves and a family of young drivers. We owned Nissan, Toyota, Renault, Chevrolet, Pontiac, Dodge, Plymouth, Mitsubishi, and a few more. We had a nice Toyota Sienna mini van, and the last we bought in a foreign brand. It had it's problems. But we still shopped and drove a Toyota Camry, Mazda 6, and Saab 9-3. We really liked the Mazda and Saab. The Camry didn't seem as great a car as it has been talked up. Plus the price even with low interest. The Saturn Aura XR-4 won hands down for price, features, safety, and fuel efficiency. We got an Aura XR-4, 6 speed automatic and all options. It has peppy performance around town and getting on the freeway. We are getting a combined 29-31 mpg calculated each tankful. Haven't had it on anything longer than a 200 mile highway trip, but it got 34.2 on that with only 600 miles on it at that time. The tan leather seats and interior are top notch. The seats are very comfortable for both my wife and I. I am 5-11 and fit in it very comfortably. We have both an 8-way power driver seat and a 6-way power passenger seat. Comparing it to Toyota, Mazda, as well as looking at few other brands , the Aura has great fit and finish, a nice European design, a smooth, comfortable ride, and XM radio plus OnStar standard for safety. It has a full compliment of front, side, and head curtain airbags. My wife wanted to make sure it had all that! We also got it for a price $2,000 to $4,500 less than the other cars we looked at. The Chevy Malibu was also nice, but the price was a bit more and the Saturn looks and feels a bit more upscale. Friends, and family are really surprised when they look at or ride in our new Aura. It has plush European amenities without being gaudy or over the top. It is solid, quiet riding, smooth and gets great mileage. We thought about the 6 cylinder, but this works for us, and feels even stronger than the Toyota Camry we test drove.

2009 Saturn Aura

I would highly recommend this one...

DMSBaskets 2008-10-01 21:46:24

I started out to purchase a new Toyota Camry and was actually on my way to the Toyota dealer when we stopped at Saturn just to see what was new there. I drove my Saturn off the showroom floor and fell in love with it. Although I have had my Aura just a week, this is by far the best car I have ever owned. It handles easily, is a very comfortable ride and I am averaging 30 miles a gallon so far. The dashboard cluster is very easy to read and the satellite radio is great. This is the first car I have owned that has had that feature. The first long road trip won't come until December, but I am looking forward to really seeing what this car will do. I had Onstar on my previous car and wouldn't buy another one without it. Although mine is a feminine looking car (Golden Mist exterior, tan leather interior) my husband likes to drive it instead of his truck. Once you drive one, you won't want anything else. All the bells and whistles are fun to play with too!

2009 Saturn Aura

Smartest Buy you can make...

Slackemacher 2008-09-15 12:51:58

...this sedan was listed at 22 city and 33 highway miles per gallon, I set the car cruise at 75 mph and averaged 33.8 mpg for a 70 mile day excursion. For once, a car company didn't lie about the fuel economy. I owned Buick's for years, but this car simply has everything the Buick has amenity-wise and it costs about $7000 less. I strongly recommend this vehicle to anyone...

2009 Saturn Aura

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