World's Cheapest Cars

In the market for a no-frills car under $10,000? Pack your bags. For that price, you've got to travel to emerging automotive markets like India and China.

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Tata Nano

4-Door Hatchback
Distributed In India
98,094 Rupees or $2,497

The Nano is a pet project of Ratan Tata, chairman of India-based Tata Motors, who imagined a low-cost vehicle that could safely transport a family in India who otherwise couldn't afford a car.
Tata Nano Test Drive
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Chery QQ

Distributed In China
34,499 yuan or $4,781

This little city car gets a top speed of 51 mph and is available in various trim levels.

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Suzuki Maruti 800

5-Door Hatchback
Distributed In India
195,000 Rupees or $4,994

Prior to the Nano announcement, the Maruti 800 was the lowest-priced vehicle in India.

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Geely MR

4-Door Hatchback
Distributed In China
39,902 Yuan or $5,500

China manufacturer Geely Automotive tried to woo U.S. buyers with its cheap products, which include the Merrie or MR hatchback, but there was no interest in a vehicle that couldn't meet U.S. safety and emissions standards.

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Geely HQ SRV

4-Door Hatchback
Distributed In China
41,933 Yuan or $5,780

This is Geely Automotive's version of an SUV; it gives families more room for hauling items.

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