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Ford will also drop Takata as airbag supplier

Ford is the latest automaker to abandon Takata's airbag inflators with ammonium nitrate propellant for future vehicles. The potentially deadly parts will not appear in any Blue Oval product under development because the automaker will now work with different suppliers, according to The Detroit News. However, the company will still buy other components from Takata.

"Ford Motor Company products currently in development will not be equipped with Takata airbag inflators that use ammonium nitrate," company spokesperson Kelli Felker confirmed to Autoblog. The Blue Oval recalled 1,509,535 vehicles worldwide, including 1,380,604 in the US, to replace the Japanese supplier's parts in the Mustang, Ranger, and GT.

Other major automakers already made similar choices to distance themselves from Takata. For example, Honda decided not to use the airbag parts in future models, and Toyota and Mazda also dropped the supplier's ammonium nitrate components. Mitsubishi and Subaru reportedly could make similar resolutions, too.

Takata's rupturing inflators are allegedly responsible for eight deaths and about 100 injuries. Experts believe that the parts' ammonium nitrate propellant is among the causes for the explosions because long-term exposure to moisture can potentially cause excess pressure when the chemical ignites to fill the airbag. As punishment for the serious safety lapse, the US government recently fined Takata $70 million but the figure could reach $200 million.

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