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Ford head honcho Mulally talks tech with The Engadget Show

Alan Mulally on The Engadget Show – Click above to watch video after the jump

If you aren't already an avid follower of The Engadget Show, we highly recommend checking out the video series. The editors of our favorite tech site (disclosure: Engadget and Autoblog are both owned by AOL) routinely sit down with the movers and shakers of the electronics and gadget world for a look into what's new and what's next. The latest episode delves into everything from a hybrid version of the Shredder to the BlackBerry PlayBook. Of course, we're a little more interested in the show's interview with Ford CEO Alan Mulally. Engadget caught up with Mulally while he was in New York for the 2011 New York Auto Show and picked his brain on the future of the electric car and Ford's vision for the automobile moving forward.

Like most manufacturers, Ford is currently working to develop new battery technologies that will allow for quicker charge times, though Mulally says that his company also hopes to see the electric car become a more integral part of the electrical grid as a whole in the near future. As battery technology advances, Ford wants EVs to be able to charge on off-peak hours, store energy and feed it back to homes and businesses when not in use.

Pretty clever.

Hit the jump to see the full episode of The Engadget Show after the jump.

[Source: Engadget]

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