DTV Shredder – Click above to watch video after the jump

There's always been a few problems with skateboards. They aren't motorized, don't have tank treads, don't effectively operate off road and they don't hover. A defense contractor by the name of BPG-Works has gone ahead and eliminated a fair amount of those issues with a new creation that it's calling the DTV Shredder. The contraption looks like a mighty fine way to put one's self in the hospital, though BPG-Works is hoping that it could revolutionize the way troops move in the near future. We won't hold our breath for that one.

Even so, with a 15-horsepower gasoline engine on board and a top speed of 30 mph, the DTV Shredder seems like an absolute blast. There's no word on how much one of these contraptions go for, but we can imagine that they aren't exactly a cheap thrill. Hit the jump to take a look at a demonstration video of this Johnny Five for the military set.

[Source: YouTube via Autoblog UK]

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