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A couple of weeks back, General Motors officially announced that its next new Buick will carry a very familiar name: Regal. Two days later, the apparent U.S. spec Regal was added to Buick's Facebook page, revealing that the Regal sold here in the States will essentially be the same as the China spec Buick sedan, which is itself essentially a rebadged Opel Insignia. Got all that?

The only changes we noticed in the photo include a slightly larger and more rounded-off version of Buick's chrome waterfall grille and redesigned lower openings below the grille and headlamps along with the new squared-off fog lamps. After seeing a new "viral" video from Buick, we're more sure than ever that the FB Regal is the U.S. model.

Hit the jump to check out Buick's latest tease of the new Regal. The video was shot guerrilla hand-held style and it reveals nothing other than the front end of Buick's newest sedan. We do see, however, that the grille, badging and lower fascia shown in the video appear to be a match to the photo shown above. Judging by the uptick in Regal info emanating from the General, we're guessing the information floodgates will be opened up very soon.

[Source: Buick via YouTube]

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