Ford starts offering classic window sticker reprints with Fox Body Mustangs

It's an expansion of the program for later model cars

Let's paint a quick picture. You just finished restoring your late-model Fox Body Mustang. It looks showroom fresh with shining paint and a spotless interior. It's almost perfect except for one thing, the original owner tossed out the window sticker the minute he brought the car home. Well, Ford has you covered, as it has expanded its window sticker reprinting service to include the 1987, 1988 and 1989 Ford Mustang.

This marks the first time Ford will reproduce window stickers for classic cars. Until now, the oldest cars Ford would print new stickers for were 2007 and newer models. The company touts the fact that everything about these new labels will be identical to the originals from the colors to the fonts. Even the size of the paper will be accurate to factory window stickers of the era.

To obtain one, simply visit the Ford Show Parts website. You'll find the sticker option, and all you have to do is submit your Mustang's VIN when purchasing. Four to six weeks and $59.99 later, and you'll have an official Ford window sticker for your Mustang. Ford still offers stickers for 2007 and up Fords, Lincolns and Mercurys, too, and they only cost $25 a piece.

Ford also noted that it wants to further expand this program. So while a small sampling of Fox Body Mustangs are the only cars you can get a window sticker for, we may see official reproductions for many other models and years in the future.

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