It's been six months since extensive flooding put a strangle hold on manufacturing in Thailand. Now, Reuters reports that Honda has finally resumed production at its Ayutthaya plant. All told, the disaster is said to have cost the company the production of around 260,000 vehicles worldwide for the fiscal year that ended last month.

While a rash of parts suppliers and other manufacturers were forced to shut down during the flooding, Honda was arguably hit the worst. According to Reuters, Toyota and Nissan were able to adjust production to include suppliers from other countries, but Honda was stuck with a fully flooded facility.

The Ayutthaya plant builds the Honda Fit for the Asian and Australian markets. After the flood waters receded in October, Honda vowed not to use any parts or sell any vehicles damaged by the disaster. As a result, hundreds of otherwise new vehicles were sent to scrap. Hit the jump to see video of the cars awaiting their destruction.

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