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Haggling, ugh. Generally speaking (and with a few notable exceptions) it's one of those unavoidable aspects of buying a new car from a dealership. If you're good and you're willing to shop around by pitting dealer against dealer, you may end up scoring something of a bargain. Thing is, if you're not such a good haggler, you're seemingly just as likely to pay more from a stealership than the next guy, which hardly seems fair.

According to Fiat's brand spankin' new United States arm, the younger car-buying generation isn't particularly keen on the notion of haggling for a better price. As such, the company has directed its dealerships to adopt a no-haggle pricing policy, starting with the new-for-the-U.S. Fiat 500. "The pricing is the pricing," said Laura Soave, head of the Fiat brand in North America to Bloomberg, much as it was with the now defunct Saturn brand. We think it's a lovely idea and hope it sticks.

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