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4.0 out of 5

Don't buy this car

2016-05-05 18:56:04

While this is a pretty car don't buy especially since the parts are hard to get engines since they go out and Hyundia was not ready for it

2011 Hyundai Sonata

what a car SMH.......

2015-03-01 15:05:02

So I have had my 96 Honda for 4years & a taxi cab took her off the road & the cab had no damage Great.my wife said well upgrade so we did. this car drinks gas I am a man & like most I think on my car way too much but I am putting air every 2 to 3 days bad tires!! I live in the city so I figure maybe the stop & go has a lot to do with it anyway. I drove from Boston too New York on a half of tank that's really not bad but city stop & go no way. We had this car for a month while driving the steering felt loose next thing I know my left rear tire was no longer a feature on my car. The dealer stated 1 of the bolts backed out & it was also lose on the right side. I laugh to myself because my wife, son, & daughter were in the car & were safe...I do not speed because this car is really not for that; regardless of the look, I avoid potholes, even sewer covers because everything affects your suspension. So for that to happen was very bad. The audio system is very weak I mean really what's the deal with the weak system? The gas & brake pedal are disrespectful to the car; I wear a size 12 & I'm always looking to make sure I don't miss the pedal when braking. When driving; its hard to find dead gear it take about 4 to 5 min to find it by the time I do there goes another red light. Look my luck & yours are different; but over all don't buy this car please unless u work for a gas station or own 1. Honestly there is nothing special about this car not even the 2015 if u feel I'm just some angry human rent 1 for about 2 days then u be the judge!!!!!

2011 Hyundai Sonata

Poor mileage, steering problem, stoplight switch

2011-08-18 13:40:58

Have a 2011 Sonata SE purchased May, 2010 and have driven it 5500 miles. Overall the service has been fair. Once work was performed it was good but service leading up to it was marginal. It has been flat bedded twice, First time car went dead. As it was let down on ground at dealer's-tech knew exactly what it was and had it fixed in 10 minutes! He said they had fixed a few-wondered how many other dealers had this repair!! What if that happened to a woman in a Mall lot-at night!! Had then had the written up steering problem- wheel shook badly while backing up. At first, received what I felt was a cold shoulder, Mgmt said they had NO knowledge of such a problem. Gave them an address on line, so they became somewhat doubtfully aware. Ultimately, they ordered a new steering column and it was received. Then...they said that the fact had sent software to correct situation. This service was performed so far-so good. At about 2500 miles noticed the driver seat seam on backrest showing signs of wear. They tried 3 times to get a replacement and they then had it repaired-good. Admit, that most of my driving is city. Drive conservatively on ECO mode, Yes, AC is on as I live in S.Fl. Still, my 2002 Camry got 18-20 under same conditions and it got 35 MPG from Miami to Atlanta. With tires always inflated to required, mileage on last tank was 16.3 .In fairness, one young lady at dealer did her best to be helpful and SHE read the steering article and believed it! Tried talking to Gen Mgr. and he did NOT want to hear about prob-so it seemed. That car has many good points, it's a pleasure to drive but two persons who drove my car loved it and decided to buy one-until the steering problem occurred. The seat appearance didn't help either. One bought a used Lexus and the other an Altima.

2011 Hyundai Sonata

Sonata SE 2.0T Best combined economy/performance choice I've found!

2011-05-31 14:19:00

I have 2K miles on my SE 2.0T and love it. No, it is not great in every single catagory, but a lot that's not great might be spliting hairs because no car has it all, and this one makes a pretty good try at most of them. It is very fast particularly above 50 mph and is amazingly smooth and stable at triple digits with its long wheel base, and 1 to 60 in 6 sec. It is a great looking car with spectacular fit, finish and paint. The brakes are actually more than adequate, even better than good for a normal car. The problem is that ******* extremes, it is not performance wise, even close to normal. I just don't see anybody going but so far no matter what car they are driving. This car pulls hard at 80 right over 110 to somewhere beyond reason and that competes pretty well with about anything you'll run across. Oh and combined 26 mpg which I consistently am able to achieve even with my moments...........No it is not everything but an amazingly good try at having it all anyway. What a fun car in its imperfect form, I'm so glad I stumbled into getting a car I wouldn't have dreamed I would buy, and now pinch myself I like it so much.

2011 Hyundai Sonata

Bumper falls apart

2011-05-23 22:22:04

Simply driving along 30 miles an hour on a flat road., parts start falling from the bottom of the car. The front bumper eventually starts to seperate from the car. I brought it to the attention of the dealer and I was accused of damaging the car with no other evidence of damage. After being treated disrepectfully at the service department by the service manager I ran into a mother/daughter at the dealership for the same reason. They were told the same thing. I smell class action lawsuit.

2011 Hyundai Sonata

Review of 2011 Hyundai Sonata

2011-05-08 13:30:58

An excellant vehicle. This is my third Hyundai. My biggest complaint is the passenger seat , it is much to low. Wish they would come out with a fix.

2011 Hyundai Sonata


2011-04-05 17:40:12

Went shopping and looked at Camry, Accord, Malibu, and Fusion before I got to the Sonata. Not only is the exterior styling far and away the pick of the litter, the interior is stunningly well designed and equipped. Perfect? Not exactly. There's a problem in judging the front and rear ends from inside the vehicle, it would be nice if the steering column titled higher for easier entrance and exit, and I wish the front passenger's seat could be raised for the benefit of my munchkin-sized spouse. But,overall, I am delighted with the vehicle both inside and out. For the price, size, and uniform excellence of design and performance, Sonata may well be in a class of its own.

2011 Hyundai Sonata


2011-03-30 22:28:21

Love the car. Looked at Toyota Camry and Nissan Altima when shopping. For the price and features as well as interior room picked Sonata. Gas MPG Hwy 34-35 (probably could be higher at speed limit). Day to Day driving (mix of local and highway avg ) approx 30. Great leg room in back seat, good size trunk. No complaints 100% satisfied. had a 2005 Sonata prior ... obviously totall different design but never had issues with that car, still have it with a 130,000 miles on it.

2011 Hyundai Sonata

Hyundai 2011

2011-03-30 14:53:42

We looked at alot of cars and I was ready to go a whole other way when my husband suggested the Sonata. He had done his homework and this car presented the most value......35 mpg, sunroof, heated seats, blue tooth and navi killer stereo and a smooth comfortable ride....I took one look and fell in love. If I had one complaint it would be that the passenger seat is too low and not eletric like the drivers seat, I am only 4 foot 11 so this makes a difference when I am a passenger. All and all I am very happy with this car....our local dealership here is wonderful and when our daughter needed a new car we went back and bought a 2010 Sonata for her......our son even has the Genesis and loves it ....we are now a Hyundai family......Thanks for making a comfortable affordable car that feels like a luxury car !!!!!!!

2011 Hyundai Sonata

Review of 2011 Hyundai Sonata

2011-03-22 20:48:18

After five months of ownership, I have experienced two problems. The interior feels like a capsule. Driver cannot see the front or rear of the car making parallel parking impossible and other parking a guessing game. Side view is obstructed by large side mirrors and a side bar between front and side windows. Making turns at intersections requires a lot of neck craning to see other traffic or pedestrians at intersections. Most frustrating is the "frozen steering wheel" problem. If the steering wheel is turned while getting out of the stopped car, it freezes and will not start again without considerable and multiple efforts to jerk the wheel until it finally releases. This has happened several times and I have learned not to touch the steering wheel when the car is stopped. My Sonata is an attractive car with good mileage, good pep and a comfortable ride. I would definitely conisder another Hyundai product when shopping for a replacement.

2011 Hyundai Sonata

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