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Ford confirms Bronco spring premiere, teases it with logo and video

A fun look at the Bronco over 30 years

Things have been fairly quiet on the Ford Bronco front lately, but the Blue Oval just released a teaser video and official new logo promising a spring 2020 unveiling.

It’s the first mention Ford has made of its plans to resuscitate the iconic and trailblazing SUV since the Detroit Auto Show in January, when it confirmed that Bronco would be among five new models being released over the next 24 months. We’re now almost halfway through that cycle, the Mustang-inspired electric crossover that may or may not be named Mach E is coming later this month, and now it’s Bronco’s turn to be teased.

We now have the Bronco’s official new logo, with the familiar bucking horse, albeit slightly pitched forward so it’s kicking higher, and compressed block-letter nameplate. And we’re given a fun video looking at the Bronco’s history as one of the O.G. SUVs, first debuting in 1966 and running until 1996, mixing advertisement and other footage:


Ford didn’t offer any new details about the ‘ute or its performance. Hagerty earlier this week said that the new SUV will have features including off-road navigation, similar to a system deployed on overseas models of the Ranger Raptor that leaves digital waypoints on a map to help drivers find their way back while driving off-road, and something called Adventure Capture, which could be an application combining video with data on pitch and roll. It said it obtained the information from the profile of an engineer at a firm working with Ford on the Bronco.

The spring premiere date technically would qualify it for a reveal at the 2020 North American International Auto Show, which is adopting its new June calendar starting next year. And that would further make sense given that we already know the Bronco is planned to be built alongside the Ranger at Ford’s Michigan Assembly Plant just outside of Detroit. But it also seems like an awfully long time to make people wait, given the excitement about this one.

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