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FIA officially cancels 2015 German Grand Prix

Races come and races go from the Formula One calendar, but one of the stalwarts of the championship has always been a stop in Germany. In fact, since 1950, the circus has only skipped Deutschland once. But there won't be a German Grand Prix this year.

The development comes at the end of a protracted back-and-forth between Bernie Ecclestone, the Nürburgring and Hockenheim. For the past several years, the two iconic German circuits have alternated hosting the race, but while it was the Nürburgring's turn to host this year, a change in ownership put that in jeopardy. The grand prix looked set to switch to Hockenheim as a result, but the circuit owners and race promoters proved unable to reach an agreement with Ecclestone and his Formula One Management company, scuttling the prospect.

All hopes were finally dashed when the World Motor Sport Council of the FIA met in Geneva this weekend and officially removed the German Grand Prix from this year's calendar, leaving its July 19 slot open. As a result, there'll be a three-week break between the British Grand Prix on July 5 and the Hungarian Grand Prix on July 26, in addition to the month-long break that will follow before the Belgian Grand Prix on August 23. Race fans in the area, though, won't have too far to go to catch a bit of F1 action, as the Austrian Grand Prix is still set to take place just before on June 21 at the Red Bull Ring (formerly known as the A1-Ring) in Spielberg.

The official cancellation of the German Grand Prix whittles the calendar back down to 19 races. The season kicked off just a week ago with the Australian Grand Prix, will resume next weekend with the Malaysian Grand Prix and finally conclude at the end of November in Abu Dhabi.

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