Ford dealer gives James Robertson new 2015 Taurus

James Robertson, the 56-year-old Detroit native famous for walking 21 miles to work each day for the last 10 years, is behind the wheel again thanks to a gift from a Ford dealer. Robertson became an Internet sensation when the story about his daily ordeal came to light, and a GoFundMe campaign initially hoped to raise $5,000 to buy him a new ride. As of this writing, it has reached over $300,000.

He didn't have to dip into any of that money to buy the new car, though. According to The Detroit Free Press, Suburban Ford of Sterling Heights, MI, heard about Robertson's story of never being late to work and having perfect attendance. The dealer is donating a fully loaded, red 2015 Taurus to him. It's not one of our choices, but certainly nothing to sneeze at.

Robertson started walking to work in 2005 when his Honda broke down. According to the GoFundMe page, his job is about 23 miles away, but thanks to Detroit's poor bus network, he covers about 21 miles of that round-trip trek on foot each day.

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