Our second list of car gifts for Christmas focuses on those big gifts you get from Santa, or the one present that breaks the bank of the gift giver. Too rich for your blood? No problem, check out some less expensive gift ideas here.

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Video Games Galore

Microsoft Kinect and Joy Ride

Microsoft Kinect and Joy Ride

While it remains to be seen if so-called Motion Gaming takes over where the traditional controller left off, it might be best to stay ahead of the curve when it comes time to give that special gift this holiday season. Start here.

Price: $209.95 and $46.99

For the GT5 lover...
Logitech GT5 driving wheel
Logitech Driving Force GT for PS2 and PS3 - $122.37

What do you get the car-loving gamer that already went out and spent their hard-earned money on Gran Turismo 5? How about a steering wheel accessory to make the game that much more realistic? So far, this is the only one that's certified for the game, though that's expected to change soon enough.

For those without a console...
Apple iPad - $499 and up

Yep, it's the ubiquitous Apple iPad. Sure, there are any number of things you can do with this tablet device, and playing racing games is right up there. Reckless Racing HD, Real Racing HD and the Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit are our favorites.

RC Cars On The Next Level

HPI Cup Racer

World's most awesome 1/10-scale radio controlled car? You won't hear us arguing. Scale realism doesn't get much better than the HPI Cup Racer series. These kits include the Datsun 240Z, Datsun 510, Toyota AE86 and Porsche 911 Carrera RSR. We fully support parking lot racing with these instead of street racing with the real thing.

Price: $198.00 and up

For the motorcyclist...

Venom GPV-1 CH 1 R/C Motorcycle - $179.99 and up

Sometimes more thrills can be had on two wheels than on four. And that truth transfers straight through to the radio-controlled world.

For static racing fun...

Carerra Titans of Racing slot car track

Titans of Racing 1/24 Digital Set - $398.99

One 1966 Cheetah, one Chevy Corvette Grand Sport and a little over 26 feet of track with eight turns. Digital technology has revolutionized slot car sets, and Carrera has the sweetest selection of cars we've seen.

Electronics For Autos

Escort iQ radar detector / GPS

The Passport iQ, in addition to detecting radar and laser, has a built-in GPS unit, Bluetooth connectivity, red light and speed camera notifications, speed limit information and live traffic updates. This do-everything device for your dash displays all this informationon a five-inch, full-color touchscreen.

Read More: Escort Passport iQ marries GPS with radar detector

Price: $649.95

For the remote-starter...
Viper - Remote Start System with SmartStart - $399.99

Start and unlock your car from a (very) far distance via your iPod, iPhone, Blackberry, or Android smartphones. Basic installation is included at the price above, but the touchscreen smartphone unfortunately is not.

For the truly obsessive...

G-TECH/Pro RR FANATIC Precision Series - $299.95

This in-car performance meter measures horsepower, torque, 1/4 mile times, 0-60 & 0-100-0, handling Gs, braking distance and more. Plus it's equipped with a Micro SD card to record hours of on-track data along with lap-times and segment times.

What To Wear

Platinum Dirt Vintage Auto Leather Jacket

These one of a kind jackets are handmade out of reclaimed vintage auto upholstery from the genuine leather interiors of old Cadillacs, Lincolns, BMWs, Mercedes, Jaguars and more. The look is finished off with a hood ornament zipper pull, VIN breast plate, and uniquely patterned interior lining. Plus, it's recycling at its finest!

Price: $1,500

For the fashionable...

1976 Pontiac Trans Am Ring - $250.00

Got a car-living guy on your gift list who just won't wear jewelry? Perhaps that's just because he hasn't seen the right ornament with which to accessorize his man hands. May we suggest the 1976 Pontiac Trans Am ring?

For the dangerous...
OMP Retro helmet - $299

We're not really sure if this helmet carries Snell or FIA certification, so buyer beware. What we do know, though, is that it looks awesomely retro and comes from a well-respected manufacturer. Just keep your mouth closed if in somethign with an open cockpit.

Greasemonkey Gifts II

Tool Box Refrigerator

A compact garage refrigerator with 4.4 cubic-feet of interior storage capacity. There's a can stacker inside that holds 12-ounce cans of... water. Oh, and it's Energy Star rated. Trust us: Every gearhead with a garage wants one of these. Really.

Price: $369.99

For the gardener...
Tonino Lamborghini chainsaw - $205

Got an auto-obsessed gardener on your gift list? May we suggest the Lamborghini of chainsaws? No, literally, the Lamborghini of chainsaws. Made in Germany, designed in Italy by Ferruccio Lamborgion's son, Tonino Lamborghini. What more could you want?

For the family cook...
Hot Rod Grill - $695

It's a fully featured two-burner grill with a stainless cooking grate, electronic ignition and temperature gauge. Cool, but what's the big deal? Did we mention it looks like a real engine block and that the smoke exhales through the headers?

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