Tokyo 2009: Honda SkyDeck, is this the future of the Odyssey?

Honda SkyDeck Concept - click above for high-res image gallery

Unlike the CR-Z which is nothing more than a thinly veiled preview of an upcoming production model, the Honda Skydeck remains a pure design study at this point. While most automakers would provide a full list of specifications for a concept that is nothing more than a fiberglass buck, Honda isn't bothering with even that. The only thing the automaker says about this Tokyo Motor Show star is that it's a theoretical hybrid.

The SkyDeck is a six-seat MPV with some oddball portals and interesting interior fitments. The front doors swing up Lambo style, while the rear sliders actually pop out like normal doors and drop down as they slide back, ideal for jamming against the curb.

Once inside, the first two rows of seats are cantilever mounted off of the center tunnel and the second row can slide forward and down to stow underneath the fronts. All the seats consist of a mesh material stretched between a wooden frame.

One interesting styling note is the shovel scoop grille similar to the CR-Z coupe. Is this the look of Honda models to come? We'll be asking when we visit the design center on Friday.

[Source: Honda]
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