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UPDATE: Episode 119 has been moved to its own post in an attempt to appease iTunes.

Some of you may have noticed that we broke our streak of podcast production last week when we failed to publish Episode #119 of the Autoblog Podcast. That doesn't mean we didn't record one, it just lost out to other responsibilities. Rather than relegate it the digital dustbin, we're bundling it with Episode #120 of same said Autoblog Podcast, all new this week.

#119 was mostly a wrapup of the Geneva Motor Show with Sam, Chris and Dan chatting about hits and misses in Switzerland. Excitingly, Autoblog Podcast #120 is another all-questions episode, with Chris and Dan attempting to offer acceptable responses to all the excellent queries sent to podcast at autoblog dot com. You can listen, subscribe, or download after the jump, see you next week!

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