Score another one for Detroit: Domestics make gains in customer satisfaction

The University of Michigan's National Quality Research Center released its American Customer Satisfaction Index today, which found that in general customer satisfaction has slightly increased this year in the automotive industry, and specifically domestic automakers have gained ground on their import competitors. While Lexus leads all brands with a score of 87 out of 100, Cadillac (86), Buick (86) and Lincoln-Mercury (86) all came within spitting distance of Toyota's luxury leader. Toyota and Honda, meanwhile, slid compared to last year, both achieving a score of 84. While improving, Ford (80), Chevy (82) and Dodge (80) still have a gap to close on their Japanese competitors.
These scores actually mirror closely the rankings in J.D. Power and Associates recently released 2007 Vehicle Dependability Study, and one would assume a customer's satisfaction with his or her vehicle has something to do with its dependability. That study saw Lexus tied with Buick for first place, with Cadillac, Lincoln and Mercury not far behind, as well.

[Source: University of Michigan, Automotive News]

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