Mitsubishi releases design sketch of Detroit-bound Lancer

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Mitsubishi announced today that its all-new Lancer, perhaps the most important product in its ninety year history, will debut at the 2007 North American International Auto Show in Detroit come January. Just to make sure we would read the release, the automaker also included a design sketch of the Lancer. We've all seen spy shots of the new Lancer and reaction to the new car's design has met with much approval so far. The sketch released by Mitsubishi is infused with a bit of hyperbole from the designer's pen, as we expect the producton car to have things like door handles and windshield wipers, along with with wheels less than 20 inches in diameter. Still, news of the new Lancer always brightens up our day as it's a car that many have been waiting patiently a long time to arrive.

Mitsubishi does give up a few deets about the car in its press release, saying that it will be launched in the spring starting with the North American market. It's global engine lineup will range from a 1.5-liter base engine for Europe to the Lancer EVO's powerful turbo four. Europe will also get a diesel engine and the release seems to imply a Ralliart model may get a detuned version of the EVO's 2.0-liter turbo, although that may be us filling in a bit too many blanks.

Enjoy the sketch for now, as we'll get plenty of pics and video of the new Lancer when it debuts in Detroit. Check out Mitsubishi's press release after the jump, as well.

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Mitsubishi Motors To Unveil All-New Lancer Sports Sedan At 2007 North American International Auto Show

November 10, 2006 -- CYPRESS, Calif. --

Ninety years after starting car production (with the 1917 Model-A), Mitsubishi has embarked upon its most ambitious automotive project ever through the launch of its first global platform.

Known as "Project Global", and already successfully previewed with the second generation Outlander, it will be showcased at the 2007 North American International Auto Show in Detroit by its highest volume variant: the all-new 4-door Lancer sports sedan.


Designed at Mitsubishi Motors studios in Europe and Japan, the Lancer sports sedan shares its stunning design language with the much-acclaimed Mitsubishi Design Europe-penned 2005 Concept-X and Concept-Sportback show cars.

Its low stance, long hood / short deck proportions, wide track, trademark "shark nose" and distinctively deep set "eyes", all bring a new meaning to the concept of sports sedans - very much in line with both Mitsubishi's "Japanese Modern" design philosophy and its peerless credentials within 45 years of racing.

To be launched progressively in world markets from Spring 2007 (North America), the Lancer sports sedan will form a full family of cars with dynamic qualities to match their looks all across the range: from entry models (1.5 litre 110 ps engine in Europe) right up to the all-new Lancer Evolution supercar, including diesel power (Europe), a high performance 2.0 litre turbo gasoline version and other variants.


Representing a multi-million dollar investment, "Project Global" will support the launch of several new Mitsubishi vehicles over the next few years, designed from the outset for world markets, i.e.: with the built-in flexibility required to accommodate regional needs and regulations as well as market trends and new customer demands in markets as diverse as Japan, North America, Russia, Asia-Pacific and Europe.

As a further evidence of its adaptability, models from business partners DaimlerChrysler A.G. - with which it was co-developed - and P.S.A. Peugeot Citroen* are / will also be based on this global platform.

Along those lines, "Project Global" will also enable the introduction of the "World Engine" family of powerplants. Co-engineered with DaimlerChrysler and Hyundai Motor Company, the engines to be used in Mitsubishi vehicles have been modified by the company for individual market and model use.

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