That's what the bumper sticker on the back of Rex Rice's Chevy pickup says. If you can't tell, Mr. Rice is a little ticked over the analysis of GM's recent turn around plans, which include many plant closings and the loss of about 30,000 jobs. He takes particular issue with those people who blame poor management and greedy unions for GM's predicament. We consumers, according to Rice, are at least partly to blame for the situation in which GM finds itself because we've been buying new cars in increasing numbers from Honda, Toyota and Nissan instead of Chevy, Pontiac and Pontiac.
While his views are surely contentious, Rice does point out that many foreign markets like Japan, which is home to GM and Ford's largest competitors, levy large tariffs against imports in their own countries. He also points out that while many foreign automobiles can now claim to be "Made in America" due to their assembly at foreign-owned plants on American soil, these vehicles are still comprised of foreign made parts that in no way benefit local economies.

Read on for our own thoughts on Rice's rant…

Rice may have a point somewhere in his ranting and raving, but even GM would admit that it?s built some real stinkers in the past twenty years. Did Rice honestly expect the North American buying public to purchase a Lumina back in the day when the General?s current problems were first forming? There?s a difference between supporting domestic companies and buying their products without question or consideration. The former could be considered patriotic while the latter is just stupid. Whoa, was I just ranting? Sorry.

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