• Nov 3rd 2006 at 3:02PM
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The National Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has opened an investigation into the cause of eight reported engine fires in the Ford Escape and Mazda Tribute.

The model years being investigate are from 2001 to 2003, however, the Mercury Mariner platform-sharer is not part of the investigation, as it began its run in 2005.

There are two other cases that are under the microscope, that involve "fire-related phenomena," from sparks and melted electrical components. The suspected culprit, at this time, is the ABS module, which underwent a recall in the past.

More information to follow when we get it.

[Source: CNN]

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 8 Years Ago
      Typical FORD. People say that Mazda is partialy owened by Ford so the cars have nothing in common, and yet both are being recalled. Ford destroyed Lincoln brant, Volvo brant, Jaguar brand and as we all know the worst quality vehicle in USA is Land Rover...ALSO controlled by Ford.......see a patern here?

      What's funny is that there are only six comments in here, has this been a Toyota thing there would have been 66 commenets trashing Toyota and 66 more claiming that their Dodge Rams get same MPG as Prius.
      • 8 Years Ago
      You guys need to do some research next time before you start bashing Ford. Toyota is under investigation by the NHTSA for far worse things than 10 fires in 10 cars. Ford has sold over one million Escapes to date, so 10 out of over one million is nothing to go crazy over. Every car, regardless of the company, is going to have some problems; even your divine Toyotas.

      "Oh, but everytime Toyota has a problem you meanies all come out and say evil stuff about them to cover up for Ford." Yeah? So? You do the samething. Just like you hate domestics, we hate imports. Atleast we admit our companies have problems, unlike you guys...woRd...
      • 3 Years Ago
      I Have a 2008 Ford Escape Hyrbid that started on fire while driving on the freeway. Ford sent investigators to the dealership where my car ended up and turns out the gears in the hyrbid unit just fell apart and that caused transmission fluid to leak onto the exhaust and burst into flames. They have no explanation why the gears in the hybrid unit would do that. Their solution is to replace hyrbid unit, but I feel like I am driving a death trap. They can't guarantee it won't happen again. I wonder how many other people have had this experience and Ford has nothing about it.
      • 8 Years Ago
      "The suspected culprit, at this time, is the ABS module, which underwent a recall in the past."

      I thought the past fire problem was caused by the cruise control & not the ABS?
      • 8 Years Ago
      Just think of this gem as a fire Escape!
      • 8 Years Ago
      A couple of things:

      Ford equals fire. Their vehicles always catch on fire! Ford can't be counted on for anything, except for vehicles that go up in flames. Fords SUCK A**, in the fact the whole company should go up in flames because they are wholly incapable of providing good products.

      Ken- hey man, don't kill yourself defending Ford, it's not worth it! Your Expedition will go ka-boom anyway.

      Hamud- interesting of you to note the 103 yrs. of experience Ford has. How come they haven't been able to produce anything good since the Model T?
      • 8 Years Ago

      That one person.....

      Well here's the issue, ...I am not sure if LR is responsible for its own quality issues or not. However I see that over last few years Volvo added a lot more HP and V8 and lost that boxy design, which tells me that Ford is heavily involved in Volvo from design to engines. Also Jaguar became a lot sportier of late...it all tells me that Ford is heavily involved in these companies. If that is the case I assume that Ford is also heavily involved with LR, also Ford has so much big SUV experience it had to be somehow involved with LR.

      One has to ask what is the common denominator in this Mazda problem, 5.8 million recalls by Ford, super poor LR quality and poor Jag quality. They have nothing in common but being mostly large SUVs and being owned by Ford.

      It's clear that Ford has quality problems. This is not a domestic vs. import issue, GM's quality is pretty good, so is DC's. It's clear that Ford once again dropped the ball.
      • 8 Years Ago
      Well, Autoblog, thanks for posting a pic of the 05-07 Escape to go along with this article about 01-03 Escapes.... huh?
      • 8 Years Ago
      Well its not like Ford executives are under a criminal investigation for hiding safety issues. Does that ring a bell TOYOTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      • 8 Years Ago
      Borat, your black helicopter must be in the shop, with that huge Blue Oval Conspiracy Theory you just posted. Volvo started killing off the "boxy" look in the mid '90's with the S40 & C70. That was a few years before Ford. Land Rover just might have gotten a little of that "sportiness" from their previous owner, BMW. Ford purchased Land Rover in 2001 - the current Range Rover is a BMW-designed product. The Discovery was a piece of junk long before Ford or BMW came along. As for Ford ruining Jaguar's quality - what world do you live in where Jaguars run trouble-free forever? That probably doesn't even happen in the Amazon jungle, where the real ones live.
      • 8 Years Ago

      I will agree Ford does have some involvement. But RZ is making it sound like Ford is dragging all those companies down. The only company in the PAG group thats not making money is Jaguar. But their new and future products look really promising. The LR issue I was stating was the whole engine/engine software issue. But LR is still making money. I do know a couple people who own LRs and are beyond happy with them. But yea, I do think Ford's knowledge of SUVs has trickled over to LR and vice versa. I think LR SUVs are WAY better than Ford's...despite the quality issues. And when it does come to designing, it has been said that Jaguar and Ford (and even Volvo and Aston) share designers. I believe the 96 Taurus was penned by a Jag designer. But I think a lot of the interaction between the companies is just through financial transactions.

      PAG is in good shape. Jaguar needs new products. I love the S-Type. But it needs a redesigning. And like people have mentioned, the X-Type aint foolin no one...its a Mondeo. Jaguar needs its OWN entry level car.

      Also, I wouldnt say Ford dropped the ball. Ok, maybe they did a little. The whole issue with the F-150 fires was dropping the ball. This at least was investigated before hundreds of cars burst into flames. And I just hope Ford fixes the problem...

      The only problem with Ford is it's North American operations. If Mullaly gets his act together and convinces the rest of management to adopt their Euro ways, things will look better.

      And I agree with #9...
      • 8 Years Ago
      #15 Listen Maoud, or Habib or whatever you like,you are sick of what? People attacking Ford? Ok then why does Ford give everyone ammo to attack it. I mean cars just burst into flames for no reason. I heard GM has poor quality....but that recall even makes Wagoner look smart.

      #16 Ok good point, but why did Toyota recently yet again was rated on top as far as quality goes? Why was Lexus #1 again, what was Honda on top?

      Dude stop this game, you KNOW GM and FORD build junk, people know it...THAT IS WHY NO ONE BUYS GM's and FORDs without insentives, DC also builds junk, i believe they have the highest number of recalls in 2006, but at least when their Chargers and Calibers and 300c's stop working on the right lane on the highway they look good, unlike Ford drivers.
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