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Greenest and Meanest Cars of 2015

These are the greenest and meanest cars for sale in the United States in 2015, according to Greenercars.org.

While the term "greenest" is pretty much understood, in this case, "meanest" means the least enviornmentally friendly, according to a predetermined set of statistics as outlined by Greenercars.org. According to the website:

"Greenercars.org provides the facts necessary to examine the eco-performance of any 2015 model. The site assigns each vehicle a Green Score, a single measure that incorporates lifecycle greenhouse gas and criteria pollutant emissions. Updates to this year’s methodology include the incorporation of a fuel cell vehicle analysis and a new estimate of nuclear damage costs."

Without further ado, click on the image above to see which cars earned the best and worst environmental grades.
  • Image Credit: Nissan

5th Greenest: Nissan Leaf

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  • Image Credit: Toyota

4th Greenest: Toyota Prius C

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  • Image Credit: Fiat

3rd Greenest: Fiat 500E

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  • Image Credit: Chevy

2nd Greenest: Chevy Spark EV

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  • Image Credit: Smart

Greenest Of All: Smart ForTwo Electric Drive

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  • Image Credit: Mercedes-Benz

5th Meanest: Mercedes G63 AMG

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  • Image Credit: Bentley

4th Meanest: Bentley Mulsanne

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  • Image Credit: Bugatti

3rd Meanest: Bugatti Veyron

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  • Image Credit: GMC

2nd Meanest: GMC G2500 and Chevy Savana Cargo Van

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  • Image Credit: Ram

Meanest Of All: Ram 2500 HD

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