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4.5 out of 5


shpock 2020-03-17 16:35:08


2007 Saturn ION

Great car...I would highly recommend!

AOL user 2008-07-07 13:19:37

I test drove this vehicle last week and decided to immediately buy it. The car has very smooth handling and great acceleration. If you are looking for a reasonable economic purchase you should go with this vehicle.

2007 Saturn ION

Review of 2007 Saturn ION

2008-01-17 07:15:00

2007 Saturn ION

Saturn Ion

2007-12-11 03:49:31

Hi, This good model what i seen from so many cars.

2007 Saturn ION

Second ION And It's Even Better

2007-09-28 08:56:38

I just purchased my second ION. Traded in my '04 ION2 for an '07 ION3 sedan with the 2.4 package and other options--great price, low financing and same great service.

I had no problems with the 2.2, but the 2.4/auto combination makes the car feel really powerful; so far, I have not seen a fuel economy penalty but the car is new so only time will tell.

The 2.4 package also features a firmer suspension which gives the ION a more responsive and stable feel without a loss in ride comfort. (I also recommend the ABS--they come with the 2.4 package or as a separate option; the peace of mind and improved brake feel is priceless.)

Inside, the seats are more comfortable than the '04 model and there's still plenty of leg and hip room. Rear seat is decent for a small car and the trunk is large. Some people don't like the center-mounted gauges, but I've become used to them--I love the '07 version with the black on white gauges. On-Star is a great feature to have, and the stereo and a/c is top-notch.

Yes, it feels a bit plasticky inside, but I can accept that in return for its other advantages. I'm glad I bought one more--and it's my third Saturn. It may not be my last, but I'm enjoying the drive so much, that could change!

2007 Saturn ION

must have

2007-09-08 12:58:48

I have only had my ion 3 for almost two months now. I absolutely love this car! At saturn, they are not pushy like other dealerships I have been too. They are really nice and very helpful. I love all the features including onstar. I can't say enough about how much I love this car. Its affordable, just all around great car.

2007 Saturn ION

Great and useable

2007-09-07 08:10:19

Had this car for a few months. Have added a hitch, light weight for my small motorcycle on a small trailer - may also use the trailer for towing furniture for the kids. My love for this car is no doubt, forever as I'm 62 yrs. young now and expect 10+ yrs. out of this comfortable and down to earth car. It'll take me many miles at a reduced gas cost and a up front price that is reachable.

2007 Saturn ION

Review of 2007 Saturn ION

2007-08-19 04:37:14


2007 Saturn ION

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