Hyundai Veloster N welcomes multi-mode eight-speed dual-clutch gearbox

Infotainment and safety upgraded, plus optional sport seats

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The eight speed twin-clutch transmission Hyundai has spent years perfecting has bolted from the barn inside the Veloster N. Officially named the N eight-speed wet dual-clutch, or N DCT, the gearbox employs electronic actuators for cog-swapping and wet clutches to improve lubrication and cooling, making this DCT better for higher-torque applications than a dry-clutch model. Engineers updated the software for rev-matching, launch control, and overboost periods to suit the pairing with the 2.0-liter four-cylinder, and programmed three modes to maximize shifting performance in specific situations. Given the beans, Hyundai's times the DCT-equipped hatch at 5.6 seconds from zero to 62 miles per hour.  

The first programmable mode is N Grin Shift (NGS), which uncorks 7% more torque with turbocharger overboost for 20 seconds, extracting 278 pound-feet from the engine instead of 260 lb-ft., and sharpening transmission reflexes. We certain there'll be a trophy awarded to the first driver to yell "N GRIN KICKED IN, YO!" in a high-stakes situation on 4chan.


Another mode likely to get as much use as the first, if not more, is N Power Shift (NPS). At more than 90% throttle, NPS chooses upshift timing to get maximum torque to the wheels. The third mode, N Track Sense Shift (NTS), is made for any road, not just the track. It gathers data from various sensors on the car, and when it decides "road conditions [are] optimal for dynamic driving," NTS flicks on, "selecting right gear and shift timing just like a professional race car driver to provide optimal performance." All three settings can be adjusted in the infotainment system that's been upgraded with a larger, eight-inch screen and a JBL audio system.

Another programmed enhancement with the new transmission instructs the Veloster N to use engine braking when going downhill. under certain conditions. Hyundai also graced the hot hatch with its Smartsense suite of driver safety tech, already standard on the regular Veloster. This adds front collision-avoidance assist, driver attention warning, lane following assist, lane keeping assist, high beam assist, blind-spot collision warning, and rear cross-traffic collision warning.

Inside, the options sheet grows by the addition of N Light Sports Bucket Seats in Alcantara with an illuminated "N" logo on the upper part of the backrest. The seats save 4.4 pounds compared to the standard thrones.

The Veloster N hits the market in South Korea first, before going international and, hopefully, expanding its buyer base to the roughly 85% of people who don't want to row their own.

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