Bentley designers show off how custom the custom coachbuilt Bentley Mulliner Bacalar can be

It makes us wish Bentley would build more than 12

Bacalar Clerkenwell Interior
  • Bacalar Clerkenwell Interior
  • Image Credit: Bentley
  • Bacalar Clerkenwell Interior
  • Bacalar Clerkenwell
  • Bacalar Greenwich Interior
  • Bacalar Greenwich
  • Bacalar Fulton Interior
  • Bacalar Fulton
  • Bacalar Menlo Interior
  • Bacalar Menlo
  • Bacalar Brickell Interior
  • Bacalar Brickell
  • Bacalar Randwick Interior
  • Bacalar Randwick

One of the draws of the Bentley Mulliner Bacalar, besides its gorgeous two-seat roadster style, is that it's a unique custom coachbuilt car. The company touts the fact that not a single piece of the exterior is shared with another Bentley. It will always be particularly rare, too, since only 12 will be built. But the unique, custom nature of the car extends beyond that to giving customers nearly free rein with interior components and colors. To show this off, Bentley designers created six gorgeous example models that have us wishing the company would make a few more than 12 Bacalars.

Speaking broadly, customers will get to choose unique exterior paint, but the interior is perhaps the most interesting, as choices will include bespoke fabrics, piping, stitching and dash materials. The first of these shown in the gallery is one of our favorites, named Clerkenwell. It features two shades of green leather, and some contrasting green tweed fabric on the seats and the dash, and it's matched with huge swaths of a light wood veneer that stretches from the dash to the doors. The Greenwich interior that follows is also eye-catching with its oxblood leather, gray tweed, and two kinds of 5,000-year-old Riverwood veneer, part of it left as open pore, and the other part given a gloss finish.

The other trims in order of appearance are Fulton, Menlo, Brickell, and Randwick. These show additional variations on leather color, and some of them swap the wood veneer for carbon fiber, or the tweed for Alcantara. And of course, all six of these cars get their own corresponding paint colors. Let us know in the comments which ones you like the best, and here's hoping Bacalar buyers get really creative with their cars.

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