We may finally have a potential reveal date for the rumored Bullitt Mustang, and it's sooner than we expected: this month. The date comes from the folks at Mustang6G.com, who discovered that Ford is selling a car at the Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale auction on January 19. The listing has no photos and generally no information except that it will be a new Mustang and the proceeds will go to Boys Republic. As Mustang6G.com points out, Boys Republic is a school that Steve McQueen attended and was involved with as an adult. And since the car is coming from Ford, it would only make sense that it was a new Mustang, and that it was somehow related to McQueen, namely a special edition based on Bullitt, 50 years after the 1968 movie. And it's also expected the car will be the first of the special edition, which is a typical thing for American car companies to do. Chevrolet for instance is offering its first Corvette ZR1 at the same auction.

Although we would be a little surprised to see Ford reveal such an anticipated special edition Mustang at an auction rather than an auto show, the argument for the debut at Barrett-Jackson is sound. The only other possible location for a reveal before the auction would be the Detroit Auto Show, which has its media preview next week. Either way, it looks like we'll be seeing a Bullitt Mustang this month.

As for what the Bullitt Mustang will look like, spy photos have shown that it will look very much like a plain Mustang GT. There will be some changes, such as a badge on the back with the Bullitt film logo, along with black and silver wheels, and probably the same green as the original movie car. Considering past Bullitt Mustangs, the new one will probably have a couple of mild performance enhancements, too.

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