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After releasing a teaser recently, Kia has dropped a couple of official photos of its mysterious wagon concept, as well as its official name. It's called the Proceed Concept, and it will set the stage for the next generation of Kia C'eed compact cars, which compete with the Honda Civic, Ford Focus and Volkswagen Golf, among others.

What's somewhat unusual about this Proceed Concept is that its name is akin to the current Kia Pro_cee'd (a name that's sure to have every editor pull out a few hairs), which is the two-door hatchback version of the normal Cee'd. This Proceed Concept is very clearly a four-door hatchback, bordering on traditional wagon. Based on what Kia says about the car, they've seen people are more open to alternatives to typical two-door hatches, and thus are considering something different for the future model.

Kia Proceed Concept

We certainly have no qualms with the body style since not only is it a wagon, which as journalists we're practically required to like, but it's a darn good-looking one, too. The whole car sits extremely low over the wheels, and all of the car's lines appear to be drawn back to a taper, evoking a sense of speed and sleekness at rest. It looks sleeker than the already sharp Stinger GT. Aside from the classically pretty lines, it has another very unusual styling feature. The bright outline of the car's greenhouse is not chrome, nor is it white painted trim. It's actually illuminated with something called Luminline. So even at night, the car's rakish roofline will be visible.

Of course, since this is the concept for a European-only car, we likely won't see the production model in the States. But just in case someone from Kia is reading, we have a suggestion: Just put a Forte badge on it and sell it here. The average person won't know or care, and it saves you from having to develop a separate model for one market. Think about it.

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