After months of peering through heavy tarps and vinyl wraps, we finally get our very first look at a 2018 Wrangler without any camouflage at all. The photo comes from a user at JL Wrangler Forums, and it seems to show the truck rolling off the assembly line. Unfortunately, the angle isn't great, but it does give us a look at some of the detail changes to the body compared with the previous one.

The most noticeable new detail is the vent that sits in a triangular scallop in the front fender. There's also a tumblehome character line running along the doors. Both of these styling features are consistent with leaked images and fan renderings also published by JL Wrangler Forums. The door handles have also changed, and appear to be more conventional pull-to-open pieces rather than the chunky pushbutton handles on the current Wrangler.

It seems like the new Wrangler will still embrace open-air motoring, too. The doors retain exposed hinges that seem to be designed with easy removal in mind. Not only that, but we can see styled rubber pads on the hood. These have been featured on Wranglers all through the years to provide a cushion for when the windshield is folded down. So we would expect the windshield on the new Wrangler to be foldable, too. And, of course, this Wrangler has the traditional fabric folding top.

We still expect to see the Wrangler make its official debut at the L.A. auto show, with sales beginning soon after. It will offer gasoline V6 and four-cylinder engines to start, with a diesel version coming later. The Wrangler also will likely gain new features including a hardtop with power sliding panels, and a full-time four-wheel-drive system.

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