Jeep is hiding details on the new Wrangler about as well as a colander holds water. The good people over at JL Wrangler Forums have managed to get ahold of some new images of the next-gen Wrangler. Surprise! It looks exactly how we expected it to look. These new images give us our best view yet, showing a number of details that we couldn't even glean from spy photos. Enthusiasts can put down their pitchforks. The Wrangler can still go topless.

The two images - one of the front and one of the rear - show off what appears to be a Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon. The second photo is notable since it finally confirms that the doors and roof are fully removable, a feature that some feared would disappear with the new model. It looks like a fixed roll cage will help strengthen the Wrangler and protect occupants in the case of an accident. Hinges up front mean the windshield is still able to fold forward as well.

The rest of the Wrangler, though all new, just updates the Jeep's timeless design. Up front, the grille is canted rearward at the top, the fog lights move to the ends of the bumper, the turn signals move to the front of the fender, and the hood latches are pushed forward a bit. The windshield appears to be a bit more upright and less curved than the current model.

Around the side, we can see new vents behind the rear fenders. The door hinges looks smaller, and the mirrors have integrated side marker lights. There is a new line that cuts below the windows, flowing to the rear of the Wrangler.

At the back, we can see that the tail lights now wrap around to the Wrangler's side, though they still look like the square lights we've always had. There is no sight of a rear-mounted spare, but plenty of spy shots have shown that it should carry over, new backup camera and all. It also looks like the new mounting points for the roll cage should provide a bit more cargo space.

Look for more news, images, and renders as the Wrangler's development moves along.

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