Americans love themselves some pickup trucks. It's a well-known fact, and it's demonstrated each and every month in the form of the top few nameplates as they appear on sales charts, starting with the Ford F-Series, as it has for, well, decades. More often than not, after that Blue Oval sits the Chevrolet Silverado. But not this month.

Which nameplate is most likely to usurp the Silverado in second place? Smart money might have been the Toyota Camry, with the Ram 1500 as a possible dark horse. But no. It was the Honda Accord, coming in at 51,075 units sold in August of 2014, ahead of the Silverado at 49,201. The Toyota Camry sold well, as it usually does, with 44,043 sedans driven off dealership lots last month. Ram sold 44,735 pickups, for those counting.

Kudos to the Honda Accord, then, for having a stellar month of sales and for singlehandedly boosting Honda's sales to a two-percent gain. It's worth mentioning that the Silverado and Ram were also up by good margins, though the Camry was just a wee bit down.

Looking over our chart, you'll see lots of automakers colored green, which is good, and it also means that the Seasonally Adjusted Sales Rate has climbed yet again to about 17.5 million units, the highest recorded since 2006. It's also worth noting that Toyota stayed in front of Ford in overall sales for the second month in a row.

On the negative side, we see that Land Rover fell back down to earth a bit last month after managing large improvements for the early part of the year – we'll keep an eye on LR's numbers in the coming months. General Motors dropped down a bit, too, though perhaps not nearly as much as some might have expected considering all the negative recall publicity it's endured of late. Other than that, things remains as we've come to expect, with Maserati, Jeep and Subaru serving as standout performers and Mini, Volkswagen, Volvo and Jaguar treading water at the bottom.

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