If Jesus had treated Lazarus' resurrection like Renault has treated that of its Alpine brand, Lazarus would have politely requested, "Please, leave me alone." In 2008, the Alpine's return was rumored to come riding on the platform of the Nissan 370Z. In 2009 the revival was declared D.O.A along with the co-developed Nissan 200SX. In 2010 it was back on, the new Alpine to be based on the reputation-making Alpine A110 Berlinette. In January of this year there were still rumors but still no car, with scuttlebutt pegging a concept showing at this year's Paris Motor Show.

Finally, just this month the goat entrails predicted a showing of a new Alpine at the Monaco Grand Prix, which arrives in the principality this weekend. And the leaked rendering pictured above of the Renault A110-50 concept is the very Alpine purportedly to be revealed on Friday. Looking more inspired by the Renault DeZir concept (right) from two years ago, with some uneven assistance from Photoshop, all Renault needs to do is omit the two supplementary nostrils on the leading edge and tell us where to send a deposit. The built-up concept is loosely based on a Renault Megane with a tube-frame chassis, hiding a 400-horsepower V6 amidships.

Not that it will ever be made, but at least we have something to look at now and perhaps even to touch come this Friday. Or could it get made? One more false start we neglected to mention was just last year when Renault scrapped the Alpine brand again, opting to provide a new roadster for its Renaulsport brand. The car proposed for that endeavor: a production version of the DeZir. We hope to know more on Friday, so stay tuned.

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