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What plug-in car will cost more than a Nissan Leaf or a Chevrolet Volt but is virtually unknown to the American public? The Coda EV Sedan, that's what. Coda Automotive has announced that the price for its all-electric vehicle will be $44,900 – or, $37,400 after the feds chip in $7,500 as a tax credit. To compare, the Leaf costs $25,280 after incentives and the Volt can be had for $33,500 with federal help. So, your options will be to either buy a Volt and get an electric vehicle with a range extender or spend $4,000 more to go gas-free and have a longer EV-only range. Or, spend a lot less on the Leaf ($12,120) and go almost as far on battery power. The Leaf is expected to get around 100 miles to the charge, while Coda is saying that its 33.8 kWh lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery system with active thermal management will provide "a dependable all-weather range of up to 120 miles and at least 30 percent more usable energy than our leading competitor." Here's some of the not-as-good fine print:
After tax savings, net as low as $37,400. MSRP $44,900, with federal tax savings from 0-$7,500. Excludes tax, title and license. Initially available through online reservation process. Deliveries will commence in December 2010. Subject to change. Limited quantities available in California only. Increased availability in Spring 2011 with full market rollout through 2012. Taxpayer must incur federal tax liability to receive full benefits. Consult your tax professional.
Even reserving the car costs more than it does for the Leaf. Coda is asking for a $499 refundable deposit that can be placed here. The Coda will be available in California later this year and Hawaii in 2011.

[Source: Coda Automotive]

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