You've got to hand it to Erik Buell. The man was dealt a very bad hand by his ex-employers at Harley-Davidson, but Buell decided to take a bowl of lemons and make some tasty lemonade. The first batch of sweet citrusy goodness came as Buell formed his eponymous racing team, but it seems 'ol Erik has bigger and better things up his sleeves.
A new video is circulating the interwebs today that clearly shows a Buell 1190RR race bike equipped with decidedly non-racy parts, including a license plate mount with turn signals and a set of electric cooling fans for the radiators that aren't necessary on the track-only models. Interesting, no?

There's still some time left on Buell's agreement with H-D not to build and sell any street bikes, but it seems like a foregone conclusion that Erik will once again be offering road-going machines to fans of unique American sportbikes just as soon as he's legally allowed to do so. Stay tuned, and check out the short teaser video after the break. Thanks for the tip, Gary!

[Source: Erik Buell Racing via The Kneeslider]

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