Is Hyundai about to repeat the mistakes of Toyota and Nissan? reports that Hyundai has been showing off a modified Dodge Ram pickup at some consumer clinics to gauge interest in such a product. This wouldn't be the first time the Koreans have looked down this road. A midsize pickup based on the new Kia Sorento had been considered before being killed off two years ago. Tackling the full-size truck market could be an even more perilous endeavor.

Nissan never made a significant dent in the big truck segment with the six-year-old Titan. The enormous resources that Toyota has poured into the development and production of the Tundra are considered by some analysts to be one of the causes of the automaker's recent spate of quality problems and recalls. While many of Hyundai's recent introductions have done well, not everything has been a hit. The Veracruz hasn't been particularly successful in the larger CUV segment and the Genesis Coupe, while getting good reviews, is still very much a niche player against the likes of the Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro.


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