It is easy to forget that among the debris swirling in the tornado of claims against Toyota, the Pontiac Vibe is really a Toyota Matrix. Hence, the Vibe is also included in Toyota's recent recall of 2.3 million vehicles to repair accelerator pedal mechanisms that could stick and cause unintended acceleration.

The Vibe was built at the NUMMI plant in a California. The joint venture between Toyota and General Motors became a victim of last year's industry turmoil. GM pulled out of the partnership last June, and Toyota is reportedly ending production there in March.

We reached out to Alan Adler from General Motors, who said that they have not received reports of any problems from Vibe owners.

"The 2009-2010 Vibe recall will be included with whatever vehciles Toyota identifies for recall. So far, Toyota has not told GM how many Vibes are involved in the recall," said Adler. "It is unclear at this point when the recall will begin. To date, we are unaware of any customer complaints on accelerator pedal sticking on the 2009-2010 Vibe."

GM doesn't yet know how many 2009 and 2010 model Vibes are included in the recall. When it receives details on numbers and the fix from Toyota, customers will be notified and they can get their hatches repaired at Buick-GMC dealerships.

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