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Paying for product placement for big-screen movies can be a pretty risky business. If the movie is a flop, doing so could be a big-time waste of ad dollars that could have been better spent elsewhere. But if the movie turns out to be a global blockbuster, it can look like a very wise move, indeed. Volvo struck such gold with the first Twilight movie, as millions of teens saw Edward Cullen (played by Robert Pattinson) prancing around town in his silver C30. And the safety-minded Swedish automaker is looking for lightning to strike twice by getting its products noticed in Twilight sequel New Moon.

Cullen is a little older and a bit wiser in the sequel, so he appears to be stepping up from the C30 to the family-friendly XC60, although both models feature in the film. If you're thinking a crossover isn't exactly cool for the typical 17 year-old, try to remember that Cullen is over 100 in human years. Volvo's newest crossover makes perfect sense given the fact that it's the Swedish automaker's newest and freshest product, but we're having a bit of trouble trying to understand pushing a Volvo crossover in a vampire flick that gears towards teenage movie-goers.

Hit the jump to watch the 1:30 commercial, which doesn't begin until about 10 seconds into the YouTube clip. Volvo wants you to know that its vehicles give you the power to stand up for you what you believe in while also keeping what you believe in safe. If you're not into people haulers from Volvo, there are also plenty of dialog-free scenes from New Moon.

[Source: Volvo via YouTube]

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