Commercial regarding GM and Chrysler's liability claims -- Click above to view the after the jump

A group called the Ad Hoc Committee of Consumer Victims of GM and Chrysler put together a commercial to run on Comcast throughout the weekend. The group numbers 460 people, 300 of whom are plaintiffs against GM, the rest against Chrysler, all of whom claim catastrophic injuries or the deaths of relations due to defective vehicles from the two companies.

The ad attacks the issue of New GM not being responsible for such liabilities. The claims, said to add up to about $1.25 billion for just the GM parties, would be addressed by the Old GM and lumped in with every other unsecured creditor's claims. That means that if the plaintiffs received anything at all, it wouldn't be much. GM is just following the government's orders -- it was the Administration that decreed post-bankruptcy Chrysler and GM won't be responsible for vehicles sold previous to bankruptcy.

GM's attorneys called Comcast, and Comcast explained pulling the ad by saying "We have temporarily stopped airing the ad while we conduct a review of the claims it makes." The commercial only asserts a few facts which could be easily checked, and makes a generalization about claims that won't be reported if people know nothing will come of them. Comcast hasn't given any timeline for that review, though. You can watch the ad after the jump and see for yourself.

[Source: Washington Post via TTAC]

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