There has been all manner of speculation leading to this point, but the Temple of VTEC says it has heard from a source who claims the Honda Crosstour will be arrive in the U.S. in late October.
Mules of the Toyota Venza competitor from Honda have been seen testing in the U.S. on an jerry-rigged European Accord Tourer setup, an in fact, it's not likely to vary a great deal from it visually.

Since a different rear differential has been spotted on some prototypes, all-wheel drive is reportedly on the menu. Temple of VTEC's source says it will be based on the Accord platform, tow 3,500 pounds, be 2.5 inches taller than the Accord and stretch a ginormous 7 inches further than the Venza, which would seem to make third row seating a fait accompli, but as far as we know, the Accord Tourer is strictly a two-row deal.

Based on the fact that dealers have reportedly received their accessory pre-order packs, Honda protocol indicates appearances on dealer lots six months later. And if they keep the finished product sharp and edgy like the Euro Tourer, there's a good chance we'll like it when it comes. Hat tip to Edison!

[Source: Temple of VTEC]

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