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Vin Diesel damages S2000 on set of F&F4

While filming the latest installment of everyone's favorite overly dramatized street racing flick, Vin Diesel extended his rage from a character in the movie onto the right front bumper of an S2000. The Honda, owned by Ben from Bespoke Ventures and being used as an automotive extra in The Fast and Furious 4, sustained a fair amount of damage to the bumper, right fender and headlamp. There's no word on when Universal is going to be settling its tab for the damages done by Mr. D, but Ben has already got a "Vin Diesel Broke My Car" t-shirt for sale, which should ease the financial burden. That, along with the "Don't tune your GT-R" tee, should complete your summer fashion collection.

[Source: TheRealJDM]

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