Farboud changes its name to Farbio

Remember the name Farboud? That GTS supercar maker from the UK? We barely did either, but it's kind of a moot point now anyhow. You can go ahead and forget it again. Instead, think Farbio. No, not the romance novel cover model - slash - "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter" spokesman. It's Farbio, with an "R" in there. The former Farboud Sports Cars has become Farbio Sports Cars. The change was made because GTS designer and current minority shareholder, Arash Farboud, has another company in the supercar game and there still seems to be a lot of confusion about the difference between the two. And so, the two companies decided to distance themselves a bit for clarity sake. Each has a supercar getting ready for release, but the two cars are very different.
The Farboud Farbio GTS is perhaps best known to U.S. enthusiasts via Project Gotham Racing 3 on the Xbox 360. Looking something like the lovechild between a Carrera GT, Exige and Koenigsegg ménage a trois, the GTS is powered by a Cosworth-tuned Ford V6, which produces 275 hp in naturally aspirated form, or 375 with the optional supercharger fitted. The GTS pricing hasn't been confirmed, but we do have word that U.S. sales are in the cards. The GTS fits in between, say, a Lotus Exige and a Noble M400 in size and power. Should be exciting. Arash, on the other hand, is the company producing the Arash AF10. That's the carbon fiber supercar powered the 7.0-liter Corvette Z06 engine hooked up to a six-speed Graziano transmission and capable of 200+ mph. Should be crystal clear now, right?

Full press release below the fold.

[Source: Farbio]



British Sports Car manufacturer, Farboud Sports Cars are delighted to announce an exciting name change. With immediate effect, the company will be known as Farbio Sports Cars.

The name change has been prompted by the continuing confusion with Arash Cars, owned by Arash Farboud who produced the original GTS prototype. Whilst Arash remains a minority shareholder in the company and is fully supportive of the name change, it was felt timely to announce our plans prior to the car going into production. The new, shorter name will be much easier to pronounce and remember and comes with the full approval, commitment and enthusiasm from all parties involved with the GTS. The car will be known as the Farbio GTS and is nearing completion. Whilst it has retained its exquisite flowing lines from the original prototype, the GTS is a production car with many exciting changes and exclusive features.

Farbio Sports Cars still retains the licence for the Farboud name and badge.

The company has the benefit of starting production with a substantial order book, with not only UK orders but 3 year contracts to supply the US, and Scandinavia with negotiations continuing for the Middle East, Thailand and the Far East.

We will shortly be releasing a launch date for the car with the simultaneous introduction of a new website. In the meantime, the existing website will remain with an explanatory introduction.

A new car, a new name, a new beginning . . . . . . . Farbio Sports Cars, the performance car for the future.

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