Farboud GTS nearing delivery

Back in July we told you about the new Farboud AF10 that was shown at the British Motor Show. The new Z06 LS7-powered supercar from Arash Farboud and the rest of the gang at Farboud Sports Cars is still under development, but this item pertains to the company's first effort, the GTS.

The Farboud GTS is perhaps best known to U.S. enthusiasts via PGR3 on Xbox 360. Looking something like a Carrera GT, Exige and Koenigsegg ménage a trois lovechild, the car is finally nearing UK delivery. The company has announced that it hopes to have cars at dealerships by spring. And even better for U.S. fans, the development of the American version has been progressing nicely and U.S. deliveries should start soon after.

A dealership network including outlets in Maine, Oregon, New York and Michigan is in place and the first year production of 50 cars has already been allocated. Getting the car to comply with U.S. regulations and establishing warranty and service protocol have extended the initial delivery estimates, but it won't be much longer now according to the company.

Similar to the Nobles, the GTS is powered by a Cosworth tuned Ford V6, minus the turbo. In the Farboud the engine produces 275 hp, or 375 with the optional supercharger fitted. Pricing hasn't been announced yet, but the last figure on record was just under £50,000. We can't wait to get our hands on one of these and see how it stacks up against the aforementioned Noble and other competitors.

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[Source: CoolBrit.net]

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