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Beijing Auto Show: FAW Red Flag HQ3

China's FAW just debuted the Red Flagship in its Hongqi (Red Flag) lineup. Rejuvenating one of China's oldest upscale car names, the new HQ3 sedan is Red Flag's take on the Toyota Crown Majesta. The Hongqi brand was generally FAW's outlet for their large luxury cars, which were intended for only the elite. Most Hongqi models were based on older Audi designs, so this Toyota based HQ3 will be a huge improvement. Further encouraging news is the fact that FAW has partnerships with not only Toyota, but Volkswagen, Audi and Mazda as well. Should produce some nice copies cars.

The HQ3 will use Toyota-derived 3.0-liter V-6 and 4.3-liter V-8 engines. FAW plans to build about 13,000 units a year at its home plant in Changchun. They are even talking about a bulletproof version for use by government officials. The HQ3 went on sale yesterday at the start of the Beijing show. Prices will start at about 499,800 yuan ($63,500) for the base 3.0-liter. The uplevel 3.0 was announced at 566,800 yuan ($72,000), and the 4.3-liter at 688,800 yuan ($87,500).

Because it's based on the Toyota Crown Majesta (think home market Lexus GS, but different), the driving dynamics should be pretty good. The top option 4.3-liter should do 0-100 km/h in 7.3 seconds. Alphabet soup acronyms dot the equipment lists across the range: ETCS-I, ACIS, Dual VVT-i V6/DOHC/24V, ABS_EBD_VSC (Vehicle Stability Control System), TRC (Traction Control System), and HAC (uphill auxiliary control system). The HQ3 is also equipped with a night vision system, collision avoidance systems, and projection speed display, intelligent adaptive headlight system, AFS, automatic guidance system, and a tire pressure warning system amongst others. Tons of pics after the jump. Car looks good, but that signature red hood bulge has us thinking of a Proboscis Monkey.

[Source: Red Flag via Autoblog Chinese]

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