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TVR planning 600bhp Typhoon supercar

Despite all of the stories we've run about TVR shutting down, being saved, closing the UK plant, allying themselves with Bertone, and rallying to honor Liverpool workers, this is the story we really wanted to report. A new 600-hp Typhoon (not to be confused with the Typhon) is being planned. PistonHeads is reporting that the new model will be making its debut at the Geneva motor show next spring.

The Typhoon should use a version of the Speed Six engine, although supercharged to produce 600 horsepower. That should be fun. And the Typhoon will also be a lightweight, using carbon-fiber body panels. That also means it will be expensive. TVR spokesman Jason Oxley was quoted as saying that a guesstimated a price of around £120,000 "is about right." That's $226,500. Gulp.

While admitting the car would be recognizable as a TVR, Oxley also said he couldn't describe exactly what it will look like. The Typhoon will also mark TVR's first foray into computer-aided design. This high tech process of digitally designing a car might appear out of character for the tiny firm, but since most of us will only experience the car on our PS3s, perhaps it's a good idea to already have it on disc.

As a way of celebrating TVR's 60th birthday, 60 of the Typhoons are going to be buildt and some are already sold. If you absolutely, positively must have a 600 hp TVR, you better get a move on.

[Source: PistonHeads]

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