Hyundai, Kia assembly lines halt as union goes on strike

Members of the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (KCTU) went on strike this week, shutting down various Hyundai and Kia Motors factories in Korea. According to a KCTU representative, around 150,000 members of the 800,000 strong organization have abandoned their posts in protest to a new government bill allowing employers greater use of sub-contracted and temporary workers in the workplace.

The KCTU argues that employers will abuse such workers who should, instead, be hired full-time. The government states the bill would protect such workers. Also, the Korean labor department states the KCTU strike is illegal and darkly warns the union will be dealt with “sternly”.

Note that while the bill was approved by a government panel, it still needs to be voted on by the house, which will happen this Thursday.

[Source: Antara News]

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