Tom Stephens, GM's group VP of global powertrain, told AutoWeek that value will be a key selling point for Saturn's VUE Green line, a quality that he believes other hybrids don't posess. The article states that Ford charges an extra $3,300 for the hybrid version of its Escape, Honda adds about $4,000 to the price of a normal Civic and Lexus has been getting $5,300 more for its hybrid RX400h. While Stephens didn't say exactly how much extra Saturn would be charging for the VUE Green line (a somewhat glaring omission considering his claim), he did say it wouldn't be as high as its competitors. Keep in mind that, like the current generation Civic Hybrid, the VUE Green line is a mild hybrid that only stops and starts the engine at rest and provides additional power during acceleration. Full hybrids, like the Escape Hybrid and RX400h, have much more complicated drivetrains that partially justify their premium price tags.

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